About US

About US

Dilnia Insurance is a joint stock company, founded in 2007. In a sector characterized by rapid growth and change, Dilnia Insurance contributes to providing the best services to customers according to their needs. We offer diverse insurance solutions that cater to all categories, from engineering, aviation, and industrial sectors, to vehicle and property insurance and healthcare for groups.

The company is ISO certified and registered in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region. Dilnia Insurance adheres to international standards and best practices to provide the correct insurance policy for all clients. It has a distinguished management team with diverse experiences in the insurance field, working together to innovate the best insurance solutions that ensure your comfort.

Our strategic goals include:

Technology and Analysis: Innovating the use of digital technology to enhance expansion and interaction with customers. Optimal use of diverse data analysis to make intelligent decisions.

Human Resources: Attracting the best qualified staff in the insurance industry. Improving our regulatory quality to the highest levels.

Operational Excellence: Adopting the best standards for implementing operations. Achieving administrative excellence in all company operations.

Sales and Customer Service Efficiency: Building the best and most efficient sales and distribution network.

Our values include:

Customers as our top priority: We understand our customers and recognize their needs, and constantly innovate to give them peace of mind by exceeding their expectations.

Sustainability: We seek to ensure the long-term prosperity of Dilnia to protect the company's customers, employees, and shareholders, and to participate in economic and social development.

A work environment full of creativity and performance rewards: We treat each other with respect and integrity, strive for excellence in our work, and reward our employees for their achievements.


As a leading insurance provider in Iraq, our aim is to be the preferred choice for corporate and personal clients seeking reliable, cost-effective insurance solutions.

 We are committed to delivering the highest level of credibility and value in every aspect of our services. Our clients can be confident that their claims will be promptly and fairly processed, ensuring they receive the appropriate payment they deserve. Our goal is to exceed expectations and establish ourselves as the go-to insurance company for all insurance needs in Iraq.

To provide innovative and comprehensive insurance services, that deliver exceptional customer experience, by employing experienced and highly motivated personnel who operate with integrity and in a client-centered manner.