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We are always here to support you, no matter your interests.

Dilnia Insurance is dedicated to providing its clients with the best possible insurance services and experiences. The company values credibility and transparency, ensuring that all terms and conditions are clearly communicated before contracts are signed. Dilnia Insurance also prioritizes loyalty and care, striving to maintain long-term insurance relationships with its clients. The company invests in its employees, ensuring that they are knowledgeable and committed to providing the best insurance solutions for its clients.

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Our insurance services are designed to meet all your needs and provide complete coverage for your company.

"At Dilnia Insurance, our goal is to provide comprehensive protection for your medical, health, and insurance needs, both for you and your employees. We are dedicated to ensuring the security of all aspects of your life, including your business."

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As a leading insurance provider in Iraq, our aim is to be the preferred choice for corporate and personal clients seeking reliable, cost-effective insurance solutions.


Dilnia Insurance is a joint stock company, founded in 2007. In a sector characterized by rapid growth and change, Dilnia Insurance contributes to providing the best services to customers according to their needs. We offer diverse insurance solutions that cater to all categories, from engineering, aviation, and industrial sectors, to vehicle and property insurance and healthcare for groups.

The company is ISO certified and registered in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region. Dilnia Insurance adheres to international standards and best practices to provide the correct insurance policy for


Our mission is to increase awareness of insurance services and to encourage individuals and companies across Iraq to obtain insurance coverage that is suitable for their specific needs and requirements. We aim to provide credible and cost-effective insurance services that instill confidence in clients that all claims will be handled efficiently and fairly.