A health insurance policy acts as a safety net in case of medical emergencies. It covers various medical expenses such as doctor visits, medication, diagnostic tests, and hospital admission, which can be costly without insurance. With Dilnia Insurance, you can choose from different territorial coverage options to suit your needs, whether it's just within Iraq, neighboring countries, or worldwide. By purchasing a policy from us, you can rest assured that your medical expenses will be covered, and you will not have to bear the financial burden on your own. Moreover, for medium and large corporations, we offer tailored benefits to meet their specific needs. Investing in a health insurance policy is an important step towards securing your financial well-being during medical emergencies. Our policies include the following territorial options:

This policy offers inpatient and outpatient coverage within our accredited network throughout Iraq, including the KRG.

This program is designed for local and expatriate travelers in Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and Turkey, offering direct billing at medical facilities in these countries.

Dilnia Insurance partners with GlobeMed to provide medical insurance coverage in more than fourteen countries, expanding our direct billing network and enhancing the territorial scope of our services.